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I offer one-to-one counselling or psychotherapy. This can be short or long term. It can stop for a while and restart, it can start with one ‘need’ and move onto other issues that you might want to look at. Generally this is for one hour every week, usually at the same time each week, although it is possible to discuss different arrangements. For some people short term can mean just 6 weeks, but I generally suggest that you think in terms of at least twelve weeks



Safe Trauma Informed Approaches

Trauma informed therapy

You may know that you’ve experienced trauma/s or you may not. The impact on your nervous system and the way that you experience yourself and the world around you can be subtle and the impacts can be built up over time.

You may have recognizable impacts, such as ‘flashbacks’, nightmares or panic attacks. You may not associate, for example, your perfectionism with hyper-vigilance.

You may not understand why you suddenly ‘flip your lid’ over something that logically you know is no big deal. You may expect others to feel hostile, irritated or to not notice you at all.

Trauma informed work is gentle. It helps you understand your reactions and equips you manage your responses, to sooth your feelings of panic and overwhelm. And you don’t need to re-live your trauma/s if you don’t want to. Learning how to safely manage yourself may in itself place the trauma where it belongs – in the past, rather than flipping up in the everyday.



Ecotherapy is a recognition it makes no sense to try and heal ourselves without incorporating the ‘natural’ world, the other-than-human in that healing process – and that it is an interconnected process: it is the art of therapy incorporating an interconnected view of all things. You might wish to come to counselling/therapy for the usual reasons of life-problems and bring nature, interconnectedness –or disconnectedness into the counselling sessions, or you might want to start with nature and explore your own connections and disconnections and your feelings about the environmental crisis that we have/are creating.



I have many years’ experience as a supervisor in a variety of roles within the voluntary or third sector. I have a Certificate in Creative Supervision, reflecting my approach which offers supervisees a variety of methods of reflecting on their work in ways that are exploratory and not judging. Supervision is an opportunity to feel validated and supported, to feel safe enough to bring difficulties and look at different ways of working with a given situation. I can offer:


1. Regular, on-going supervision to counsellors and therapists as required by professional bodies

2. Regular consultative (i.e. non line-management) supervision to anyone in the third or private care or support sectors, recognising the importance of reflective practice.

3. Regular or ad-hoc supervision of Ecotherapy practice. Exploring wild supervision of Wild Mind practice together.

4. Ad-hoc consultative supervision for  complimentary or alternative therapists who are feeling some difficulty with a client (N.B. –this is about the relationship between you and the client and how difficulties or negative reactions may be impacting you – it is not about your own treatment decisions)

5. Ad-hoc consultative supervision or de-briefing sessions for teams experiencing difficult reactions to troubling circumstances that the team maybe facing.


Transformational training and support gives you, your staff, volunteers and trustees a way of being more inspired, invigorated and creative at work.


Our range of courses will help connect people across your organisation with the values that underpin many of your services, helping people to feel more enriched by their work.


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