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Why go for counselling or psychotherapy?

You might think about coming to counselling or psychotherapy for four main reasons:

​To sort out a problem that's troubling you - such as difficulty at work, or in relationships, or to resolve trauma and the ongoing impacts it has on your everyday life.


​To make a change in the way you experience yourself - such as moving from feeling desperate or full of anxiety or troubled but not sure why, to realizing that you have changed old patterns and that your life is easier to live day to day.


To be able to manage a big change in your life - such as relationship breakdown, experiencing a major loss or making a life-changing decision.

​To get to know yourself better - to become more ‘tuned in’ to yourself and what makes you tick; to help understand decisions and reactions and what hidden things motivate or influence your reactions and actions.

And it's a good move because:

 Counselling and psychotherapy can help you gain more control of your life.

The more self-awareness you have, the better placed you are to make choices.

 No matter what that inner voice says – you are worth it.

You are worth:

•Giving yourself the opportunity to be properly listened to, respected and understood

•Giving yourself the chance to move away from paralyzing low self-esteem

•Giving yourself the time and space to sort your thoughts and feelings out and move forward.

•Giving yourself gentle therapeutic time in nature

•Giving yourself the opportunity to safely work on traumas and trauma impacts without having to relive past events

Coming to counselling is a sound investment in yourself. You don’t have to be in a crisis, or feel that you are about to lose it.


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