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Jane Cooke: Gestalt therapist, Ecotherapist and Supervisor.


In person or online trauma-informed counselling and psychotherapy.

Consultative supervision.


You can expect to find a safe, warm and non-judgmental opportunity to look at aspects of your life that are troubling to you. You can book in-person or online sessions.


I can effectively support you to resolve past traumas through gentle and supportive work that does not necessarily mean that you have to re-live past events.


One-to-one counselling or therapy can help you with a wide range of challenges such as depression, general or specific anxiety, relationship difficulties or a non-specific sense of feeling desperate even if, on the surface or to others, your life can look fine.


School life, early losses or other difficult circumstances can have lasting impacts on how you respond to close relationships and other aspects of daily life in ways that are not always easy to recognise.


Check out my Services tab for more information on trauma-informed therapy, eco-otherapy and supervision   


Call or email to book an appointment


07771 950899

CALL: 07771 950899




Jane Cooke




You can book via email for my trauma-informed in-person or online counselling and psychotherapy service, or via messenger or text.

Having some high-quality listening and gentle reflection can make a huge difference, especially if one of your well-worn ways during stressful times is to be super-hard on yourself.


For safe and effective support please get in touch


Contact Jane Cooke:

07771 950899


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