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I offer one-to-one counselling or psychotherapy. This can be short or long term. It can stop for a while and restart, it can start with one ‘need’ and move onto other issues that you might want to look at. Generally this is for one hour every week, usually at the same time each week, although it is possible to discuss different arrangements. For some people short term can mean just 6 weeks, but I generally suggest that you think in terms of at least twelve weeks


Safe Trauma Informed Approaches

Heartfelt Work began our work to develop professional development training  2015 by bringing Babette Rothschild to Wales for the first time to deliver her 2 day Safer Trauma Therapy training. We are building on this by offering bespoke safe trauma informed & oriented approaches to mental health professionals and those in support roles.


“It was awesome, please let me know If you are booking Babette again” Worker in a sexual violence service



Ecotherapy is a recognition it makes no sense to try and heal ourselves without incorporating the ‘natural’ world, the other-than-human in that healing process – and that it is an interconnected process: it is the art of therapy incorporating an interconnected view of all things. You might wish to come to counselling/therapy for the usual reasons of life-problems and bring nature, interconnectedness –or disconnectedness into the counselling sessions, or you might want to start with nature and explore your own connections and disconnections and your feelings about the environmental crisis that we have/are creating.



Transformational training and support gives you, your staff, volunteers and trustees a way of being more inspired, invigorated and creative at work.


Our range of courses will help connect people across your organisation with the values that underpin many of your services, helping people to feel more enriched by their work.

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