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Jane Cooke

Jane Cooke is a Gestalt therapist and Ecotherapist. She also has training in and many years experience of group-work.


As a one-to-one therapist Jane offers a safe warm and non-judgmental chance to look at aspects of your life that are troubling to you. Jane has experience, in counselling and non-counselling/therapy roles, of working with people who use/chose not to use the mental health system, people with learning disabilities, people who are going through periods of major life change following bereavement for example, people in prison, people who have experienced abusive childhoods and other forms of trauma and many other situations.


Jane has trained in Ecopsychology and has experience running Ecotherapy groups and courses. She has a working background that includes environmental management, working with mental health service users/survivors, community arts administration, and prison counselling.


Jane is a Registered Member MBACP,  member CAPO, Counsellors and Therapists Working Outdoors.

Jane offers:

- Gestalt counselling and therapy in Llandrindod Wells.

- Ecotherapy work – indoors or out in nature by arrangement.

- Ecotherapy groups by arrangement.

-Clinical, consultative supervision to counsellors and therapists; complementary health workers and third sector managers and front-line workers

- Training in interpersonal skills and supervision as well as management support to the Third Sector and other agencies who support others.

-Safe Trauma Work training

-Employee Assistance through referrals

-Specialist counselling support to the agricultural community including via referrals from the DPJ Foundation











I am continuing to provide my therapy and counselling service - we can work together  on-line and by telephone calls.


You can contact me as usual through email or phone and we can discuss how to set this up so that it works best for you.


This is a very worrying time and a time of great change and upheaval; you may be finding that your anxiety and worry levels are high at the moment, you might be feeling emotionally cut-off, you might be reacting in well-worn but unhelpful ways.


Finding ways to be kind to yourself and give yourself some positive feedback is important – and really hard sometimes too, especially if one of your well-worn ways is to be super-hard on yourself.  


For safe and effective support please get in touch


Contact Jane Cooke:

07771 950899

[email protected]